What’s the working principle and structure of band saw machine ?

Brief Summary:

As is known to all that band saw machine is consistent of sawing machine and feeding apartment. Different band saws’ structure is basically the same, includes bed frame, up and down sawing wheels, sawing blade adjustment configuration equipment, sawing blades lifting equipment, sawing stopping equipment, transportation equipment and other auxiliary equipment, etc.

Working Principle of band saw machine:

Different sawing machines has different feeding equipment. Sport car vertical band saw is mainly consistent of sawing machine, while the sport car is made of car disk, car pilling and shake mechanism.

Structure of Band Saw Machine:

The bed frame’s function is to support the up and down sawing blade, lifting device, band sawing chain direction device, etc. Commonly composed of supporting device and main machine device.

The main machine is fixed tightly by the bolt. And the support device is arranged on the concrete. In order to reduce the shaking during the band saw machine works, increase the quality of saw blade cutting, lower the bed frame’s centroid. Some band saw machine is casting the bed frame as a whole one.

band saw machine 01