Cross-cutting –a simple process with more benefits than you might think – increased productivity, value creation, protection of resources and, not least, profit. Ultimately, every work piece must be cross-cut at some point during production. Using Optimizing cross-cut saws you can automate and optimize your lengthwise cross-cutting, guaranteeing you reliably high daily performance and production quality.Optimizing cross-cut saws are built for fast and precise cross-cutting of single boards in solid wood, panels and similar materials.

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About Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

What Is A Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

The optimizing cross cut saw is mainly used for the 90° fixed-length cross-section of wood. Realizes automatic high-speed feeding and fixed-length cutting. The user inputs the length and quantity information of the required materials into the controller, and the workers only need to place the raw materials on the loading table, and the sawing equipment will automatically complete the feeding, cutting and discharging of the wood.

The system comes with one-dimensional blanking optimization software, which can process raw materials according to the maximum utilization rate of raw materials. While the cutting efficiency is improved, the utilization rate of materials is maximized. The sawing process does not require manual intervention, and the fully enclosed shield design ensures the personal safety of workers. It is the best equipment for material preparation and processing in the furniture, wooden doors and windows, and solid wood flooring industries.

Optimizing cross cut saw adopts advanced automatic batching equipment or tools, such as ultra-thin saw blade or small diameter saw blade, to reduce the loss of sawing path, or adopt the processing technology of “saw instead of planer” to reduce machining allowance, thereby reducing Losses in the processing section.

The Optimizing cross cut saw is controlled by computer, which can form the best sawing plan for the production plan, cross-section the wood, and have the functions of analysis, optimization and statistics; it can greatly improve the wood yield and production efficiency.

Benefits of Using A Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

Accurate equipment work statistics make it easier to manage wood supply; through the MES software in the production office, you can remotely view equipment status and processing information, and the production process is more clear at a glance; multiple sawing methods meet the requirements of different boards, multiple optimization methods and usually long The two saws are combined into one, which can be applied to the production and processing of various wire rods and furniture materials.

By optimizing the cross-cut saw, the time for workers to select materials and calculate dimensions is completely liberated, and the profit is significantly improved; because the operator only needs to do one by one, and other tasks are automatically completed by computer calculation, which is easy to learn and use , Simple, high-precision multi-functional wood cutting equipment is the development direction of future wood sawing.

Another benefit from optimizing saws is improved safety because the operator is removed from the saw. Reduced operator/marker training time and increased cutting consistency throughout the day and week are other benefits attributed to optimizing saws. Some component manufacturers also may realize greater scheduling flexibility and find it feasible to process fewer part quantities.

At the same time, smart devices are a direct solution for reducing human involvement and integrating automation. The flexibility of the equipment improves the work efficiency of workers, reduces the workload of personnel, and improves customer satisfaction.

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What Is A Optimizing Cross Cut Saw Used For?

Optimizing cross-cut saws are mainly used for cross-sawing of wood, cut-to-length processing, and cutting of defective wood such as cracks. The various running states of the cross-cutting machine CNC are displayed in text on the touch screen, which is easy to operate;

It is suitable for many sofa factories, furniture factories, pallet factories and various wood processing factories. It can not only save labor, but also reduce the wage expenditure of skilled workers, and ordinary workers can also operate. At the same time, the cage saw assembly greatly guarantees the safety of workers. The special design can adapt to different harsh working environments, and the equipment can maintain stable working performance continuously; the operation interface with operation guide makes the operation more convenient for users;

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