4 side 4 head Wood Planer Moulder

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Wood Planer Moulder 002

 4 Head Wood Planer Moulder

  • Max.working thickness :100mm
  • Max.Planing Depth(mm):200 mm
  • Max.working width: 300mm
  • Saw blade diameter :350mm
  • Type: Four Side Moulder
  • Spindle rotation rate: 6000r/min
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Price Range$11500.00 to $13500.00 
  • Application :Manufacturing Plant, woodworking, wood moulding

Product Description

Wood Planer Moulder is designed for woodworking factory to process wood plank, plan the wood surface to be smooth and beautiful.Woodmac planer moulders are efficiently performing wood moulding operations required in joinery, with compact machines capable of performing several operations, in the wood industry, with very solid structured machines for an intense and continuous production.

Performing also the function of 4 sided planers and profiling machines, the moulders allow the following woodworking (depending on the model): board, straightening on 4 sides, planing on 4 sides, eliminating the crooked/raw part of the wood, perfect board, removing wood imperfections, profiling, excavations, handrails, door frames, skirting boards, frames, window frames, matchboarding, wood cutting, shutters and sills for windows, beams.

Specially solve the four-sided machining of four-sided planed board and laminated wood. Refers to important equipment indispensable for plate factories such as splicing boards and fine wood boards.

Wood Planer Moulder 002

Product Parameters

Max. processing width
150 mm
200 mm
150 mm
230 mm
230 mm
Min. processing width
Processing thickness
10-120 mm
10-120 mm
10-120 mm
10-120 mm
10-120 mm
Min. processing length
Feeding speed
10-35 m/min
10-35 m/min
10-35 m/min
10-35 m/min
10-35 m/min
Total power
21.25 kw
21.25 kw
29.75 kw
36.25 kw
41.75 kw
Dimension (mm)
1800 kg
2300 kg
2400 kg
3000 kg
3300 kg

Features of 4 sided planer moulder

  • Machine body is high grade cast iron to ensure stability.
  • This adopt step-less feeding, material feeding speed ranges from 10 to 35 meters/min.
  • Each spindle driven by an independent motor, with strong cutting force.
  • International brands electrical parts for good stability.
  • Fully enclosed safety shield, effectively avoid sawdust flying and isolate noise.
  • Pneumatic compress feeding roller is applied, that can be adjusted by stages, favorable for timbers with different thickness.
  • Up and down saws are responsible for 50% machining, high efficiency, energy saving and material saving.
  • Configured auxiliary device for short profile to promote the smooth feed.
  • Button on machine, power cut protection device for checking and saw blade replacing,provide people and machine safety.
  • Precision spindle, stable performance and high precision.

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