Four Side Planer Machine

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four side planer machine

Four Side Planer Machine

  • Working Width: 25-210mm
  • Working thickness: 8-130mm
  • Min working length: 580/300mm
  • Blade Diameter: Ф40mm
  • Feeding speed: 5-40m
  • Main spindle speed: 7000r/min
  • Trimming blade diameter: Ф145/Ф150mm
  • First lower blade diameter: Ф100-Ф160mm
  • Total motor power: 28.75KW

Product Description of four side planer machine:

The four side planer machine is a vital piece of equipment in the woodworking industry. It is designed specifically to efficiently and precisely plane the four sides of wooden boards and lumber. The machine consists of a robust frame, a motor-driven cutting head, and a feed mechanism that moves the wood through the machine.

The wood is loaded onto the machine’s infeed table, where it is accurately positioned and clamped in place. The cutting head, equipped with high-speed blades, then planes the top and bottom surfaces of the wood, ensuring a smooth and even finish. Simultaneously, the side planers on either side of the cutting head shave the edges of the wood, eliminating any unevenness or imperfections.

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Product Parameters of four side planer machine:

Specifications & models25-160mm25-180mm
Working thickness8-100mm8-130mm
Overall size (with cover)315015801800mm315017501800mm
Overall size(No cover)235013001660mm307013001660mm307013001660mm
Working width580/300mm580/300mm
Main spindle diameterØ40mm40mm
Feeding speed5-36m5-40m
Main spindle speed7000r/min7000r/min
Trimming blade diameterØ120mm145/Ø150mm
1st lower blade diameter100mm
Left/right blade diameter100-125mm125mm125-Ø160mm
1st upper blade diameter100-125mm125mm125-Ø160mm
2nd upper blade diameter125mm125-Ø160mm
2nd lower blade diameter125mm125-Ø160mm
Total motor power15.95KW24.25KW28.75KW
1st lower blade power3KW4KW5.5KW
Left/right blade power3KW5.5KW5.5KW
1st upper blade power4KW5.5KW7.5KW
2nd upper blade power5.5KW7.5KW
2nd lower blade power5.5KW7.5KW
Feeding motor power2.2KW3KW4KW
Lifting motor power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW
Pneumatic source pressure0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa
Dust outlet diameter2Ø120mm/ 4150mm4*Ø150mm
Min working length
Blade Diameter
Machine weight2100kg2700kg/2200kg2900kg/2400kg

Features of four side planer machine:

In the normal eyes of people, four side planer machine function is just used for planing to make a smooth surface for wood material, that is the basic one of four side planer machine, What’s more, four side planer machine can also be used for milling and moulder, to make all kinds of furniture surface such as butterfly, elephant, heart, L shape, T shape, etc.

When saying the size of the four side planer machine can work with, in the old version, there are the set number of size, But now four side planer machine can make out the irregular work-pieces such as cylindrical, curved, and even curved shapes.

In addition to the above surfaces, four side planer can also process various “3D” surfaces, such as hand grip patterns, wave patterns, bamboo joint patterns, etc. According to the plan, the edited CAD program can easily achieve 3D machining of products and expand the product space. Whether it’s furniture, flooring, decorative lines, or outdoor wooden products, 3D technology can be applied to enhance aesthetics and increase value.

four side planer machine
four side planer machine
four side planer machine
four side planer machine
four side planer machine

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