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Frame Saw Machine

  • Max. cutting diameter :200-300mm
  • Min. cutting diameter :80-100mm
  • Kerf size :1.2-1.8mm
  • Main motor rotation speed : 1460(rpm)
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application : Frame Saw Machine is primarily used for longitudinal cutting of logs and square timber, producing various sizes of wood strips. It is widely applicable in the furniture, woodworking board, and flooring core board industries.

Product Description

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Frame Saw Machine is a traditional woodworking tools, mainly used for cutting woods. With the highlights of simply structure, combined with a frame and one banding saw. In the usage, the banding blade saw is fixed on the frame, through manual or robot way to make the band saw cutting up and down and make it cutting work well. The vertical frame saw machine is suitable for all kinds of woodworking machinery scenes, such as furniture making, building constructions.

frame saw machine working Schematic drawing 02
frame saw machine working Schematic drawing

The frame saw origin can trace back to very early ages, and after thousands of years transform the material and usage application has make a lot of changes.

According to the band saw shape and number of frame saw machine, it is divided into single blade frame saw machine and multi rip blade frame saw machine. While the single frame saw machine has one blade, and the multiple rip has more than one blades.

Product Parameters

Max. cutting diameter (mm)200250300
Min. cutting diameter (mm)8080100
Kerf size (mm)1.2-1.81.2-1.81.2-1.8
Main motor power (kW)18.52222
Main motor rotation speed (rpm)146014601460
Feeding motor power (kW)
Feeding speed (m/min)0.1-20.1-20.1-1.5
Frame saw stroke (mm)210210240
Working times (times/min)465465350
Blade length (mm)500550610
Air pressure (MPa)0.5-0.80.5-0.80.5-0.8
Size (m)51.21.951.2251.32.5
Weight (t)22.32.8

Product Display

frame saw machine detail 01
frame saw machine detail 02

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