Woodworking Surface Planer Machine with Straight Flat Cutter Head

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Features of Woodworking Surface Planer Machine

surface planer machine

The woodworking surface planer machine is generally also called flat planer, which is used to plane the rough warped surface of flat and smooth wood.

Surface planer can plane adjacent surfaces at a certain angle and use this surface as a reference surface for processing other surfaces. There are many types of flat planer, and its structural principle, adjustment and operation method are basically the same, which is suitable for processing various wood products, buildings, vehicles, ships and wood mold manufacturing materials.

Combination of Woodworking Surface Planer Machine

The flat planer is generally composed of a bed, a back table, a front table, an electrical control system, a spindle, a tiltable guide and a driving device.

When operating the flat planer, the precautions for its operation are:

  • 1. Before starting, should be good planing knife, adjust the amount of planing and guide ruler and table Angle. After proper adjustment, tighten firmly.
  • 2. Clean counter tops and work Spaces.
  • 3. Check the safety protection device, confirm the safety before driving.
  • 4. When processing wood with a flat planer, it is generally operated by a person, if the processed wood is too long, two people need to cooperate with the operation.

Methods of Woodworking Surface Planer Machine

Its operation methods are:

  1. One person planing wood on the flat planer, should stand on the left side of the table before the planing, two feet one front and one back, look at the planing mouth firmly, the wood processing face down on the front surface, two hands one front and one back, the left hand mainly hold the wood to prevent vibration, the right hand is focused on pushing the wood, so that it is in smooth contact with the table, and uniform speed to the planing mouth for wood grain feed planing.
  2. When the wood remains 100mm, that is, the right hand should be lifted to feed. After planing once, take the wood away from the table and observe whether the processing surface meets the quality requirements. Generally 1-2 times can be planed straight.
  3. When planing adjacent surfaces, the left hand should press the wood to keep it close to the guide rule to ensure that the Angle between the plane and the side of the wood after planing meets the requirements.
  4. Wood planing should generally be shaved along the stubble. When encountering reverse stubble, knot, texture is not smooth, the surface of the material is hard, and the planer is not sharp, the wood will vibrate due to the impact of the planer, and the operator should appropriately slow down the planer feed rate or replace the planer. Planing two adjacent vertical planes is the most common and pervasive operation on a planer. As long as the machine tool is adjusted properly, the operation position is correct, the wood is attached to the guide ruler, the plane is planed first, and the side is planed straight and the square can be planed.

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