Multi-blade Rip Saws allow pieces of wood to be cut in more than one location at the same time.  Width cutting, which is often referred to as ripping, is combined with longitudinal cutting to make the first stage of wood processing faster and more efficient.  A multi-blade saw consists of two or more circular blades that are mounted on a saw shaft.  The distance between the blades in a multi rip saw is set before the wood cutting begins with rings that are pushed against the shaft.  This allows the same machine to cut wood of varying sizes quickly and accurately.

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About Multi Rip Saw

What Is A Multi Rip Saw?

Multi rip saw is a woodworking machine that saws round or square wood into plates. Apply thin and small size woodworking saw blade, with small load and energy saving.The multi rip saw is a circular saw composed of several cutting units connected together and whose distance can be adjusted precisely.

It allows you to cut large pieces into planks, beams or profiled wood in one step. The variants of these special machines differ depending on the height of the cut and the variable feeding speed.

Advantages of  Multi Rip Saw

Achieve Optimal Cutting Efficiency. 

With a multi-rip saw, you can achieve optimal cutting efficiency. The upward cutting action of the blade means that the wood fibers are cut cleanly in one pass, producing an even surface with fewer chances for error. Additionally, because the blade is cutting in a forward motion rather than back and forth as traditional saws do, you can save time and get your projects completed more quickly.

Resaw Boards Into Smaller Pieces.

A multi-rip saw can also be used to resaw boards into smaller pieces. This technique is often used by woodworkers when they need to create new sections from a single board, such as in creating furniture legs or other narrow parts. Resawing with a multi-rip saw can be done quickly, accurately and efficiently due to the blade moving in an oval shape instead of just back and forth.

Get Consistent Results with Repeatable Cuts.

Multi-rip saws are the perfect tool for achieving consistent, repeatable cuts. The special blade used by these saws moves in an oval shape that follows the profile of the space between its teeth, ensuring a very precise cut. This allows woodworkers to get much more consistent results than with other types of power saws. Plus, since multi-rip saws can be used for resawing tasks such as creating furniture legs or parts from a single board, they can save time and money that would otherwise be spent purchasing prefabricated products.

Make Your Rip Cut Saw More Powerful by Utilizing Additional Blades.

Multi-rip saws are usually equipped with a single blade, but they can be further enhanced through the use of additional blades. Mounting a crosscut/angle blade on your multi-rip saw opens up new possibilities for creating angled miter joints, dadoes, and rabbets. Plus, you can alternate between different types of blades according to the material being cut and the task at hand. For example, switching to a high speed steel (HSS) blade if cutting harder woods such as oak or walnut may provide better results than using the standard blade that comes with most multi-rip saws.

Application of Multi Rip Saw

Multi rip saws are mainly applied in the woodworking industry for round log ,square wood,board making, laminated wood, boarded, floor, packing case and pallet.

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