A multi-blade rip saw is capable of producing wooden work pieces of exact widths, lengths and depths using a selection of distance rings.  This saves an operator from having to use two or more different machines, or from having to unload and reload the same piece of wood to achieve the desired dimensions.

Plank Multi Rip Saw For Sale

About Wood Plank Multi Blade Rip Saw

What Is A Wood Plank Multi Rip Saw?

The tracked wood plate multi rip saw is mature product in our factory all the year round. It adopts track-type transmission feeding, with high performance and high precision.

It is mainly used for sawing Solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring, panel furniture, wooden packaging box, laminated timber, photo frame is sawn into multiple pieces of equal or different specifications in one time.

The precision saw shaft ensures the smoothness and straightness of the cutting plate, and can be customized according to the customer’s individual requirements.

Advantages of  Plank Multi Rip Saw

  • Strict structure, small and exquisite, the workshop requirements are not high.
  • Powerful, can process 100mm high workpiece.
  • Fine processing, direct sanding or splicing after processing.
  • Feeding adopts servo motor speed regulation, which overcomes the weakness of frequency conversion speed regulation commonly used by peers.
  • Feeding speed automatically adjusts with height when the pressure box rises or falls.
  • Nitriding and carburizing of chain plate guide rails can improve service life.
  • The oil is automatically poured into the spindle barrel, and the spindle is quenched and tempered by forging and high frequency grinding.
  • Electrical international standards, and highly sealed dustproof, reduce the failure rate.
  • Pulverizer is installed in ash hopper, small pieces of wood are cleared, machine tools works easily.
Plank Multi Rip Saw For Sale

Application of Plank Multi Rip Saw

Plank Multi blade saw machine is used to cut strips from sheets of wood, plywood, pressed boards, press board, fiberglass, densified wood or insulation sheets.

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