You Should Know Different Types of Wood Planer Machine

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Different types of wood planer machine that you should know:

wood planer machine

Wood Planer Machine has various types in woodworking machinery, which is very helpful for woodworking plants. The different type are flat planer, thickness planer, double side planer and four side planer.

There are several difference between these kinds of wood planer machines:

  1. Flat planer is the cheapest and flexible wood planer machine, which is well known and easily use.
  2. Thickness is often used for planing the thick board panel furniture. It has good function for those material wood.
  3. Double side planer machine is often use for once time for two side of one wood material not the surface below and above.
  4. Four side planer machine has the most powerful function for once four sides that means left, right, above and below four sides process.
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double side planer machine

Technical Parameter of Wood Planer Machine

Technical Parameter of four side planer machine

Max. Processing Width150 mm200 mm150 mm230 mm230 mm
Min. Processing Width15 mm15 mm15 mm15 mm15 mm
Processing Thickness10-120 mm10-120 mm10-120 mm10-120 mm10-120 mm
Min. Processing Length550 mm550 mm550 mm550 mm550 mm
Feeding Speed10-35 m/min10-35 m/min10-35 m/min10-35 m/min10-35 m/min
Total Power21.25 kW21.25 kW29.75 kW36.25 kW41.75 kW
Dimensions (mm)290016001580290016501580350016001600350016501600405016501600
Weight1800 kg2300 kg2400 kg3000 kg3300 kg

Technical Parameter of double side planer machine

ModelELA-B470B (Stepless)ELA-B630B (Stepless)
Working Thickness9-200mm9-200mm
Working Width10-470mm10-630mm
Min. Working Length300(200)mm300(200)mm
Max. Cutting DepthTop Blade 5mm, Bottom Blade 5mmTop Blade 5mm, Bottom Blade 5mm
Blade DiameterΦ100mmΦ100mm
Blade Spindle Speed5000r/min5000r/min
Feeding Speed7-13m/min7-13m/min
Top Blade Motor Power7.5kw7.5kw
Bottom Blade Motor Power5.5kw5.5kw
Feeding Motor Power2.2kw (Standard)2.2kw (Standard)
Lifting Motor Power0.37kw0.37kw
Total Power15.57kw15.57kw
Dust Exit Diameter2 x Φ150mm2 x Φ150mm
Overall Size2650*980*1800mm2650*1150*1800mm
Packing Size2750*1080*1950mm2750*1250*1950mm
Net Weight2200kg2500kg

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